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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nike Shoes Abuse About Islam

NIKE Company has used a design for their shoes which almost like "ALLAH" written in may languages mainly in ARABIC style for written ALLAH supreme power of the whole world. as follower of any religion , it means we have faith in one superpower , so its our duty to make sure that NIKE must stop using the design in future, because its a disgrace to ALLAH.


  1. I suggest that all muslims should boycot all NIKE'S products

  2. Every religion of the world accept the existence of Almighty ALLAH then i think this is very abusive act of Nike company that they wrote the name of ALLAH of an item which is used to be weared in foot. So this if very shameful act which was done by NIKE Company and i will suggest the the administration of NIKE company should review their product and should say sorry to the all mankind.


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